Hash (hashjones) wrote in spin_poetry,

Pig Farmer

Pig Farmer Pig Farmer
What are you growing
Pig Farmer Pig farmer
killing your hogs
Meat Packer Meat packer
What's on you shiney hook
Meat packer meat packer
what's in your box

butcher o butcher
what cuts are you selling
butcher do you have
a chop for my son
little boy little boy
what are you eating
little boy son of a
struggling dad

Working man working man
wife and a child
Working man wondering
"what will I do?"
Homebody homebody
home with the child
Homebody's husband's home
She's black and blue

Little gun little gun
sleeps in the dresser
little gun waking up
Hey, I know you
noe Father knows what to do
and so does his child
cat and the dog
And the homebody too

Pig farmer Pig farmer
Where are you going?
Pig Farmer Pig farmer
killing your hogs
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